Battery life getting you down? Can't charge up?

Battery life, charging problems


Often, what appears to be a battery issue (quick discharge or can't charge) is not. Here are some things to check first:

Charger: Make sure to try a known good charger before anything else.  For Apple products, always use MFi labeled chargers and charging cables. These are certified to meet Apple performance standards.

Software issues: With age, the iOS can get corrupt, creating seemingly random issues like fast draining battery or low speaker volume. Back up your phone and do a factory restore. Installing a clean iOS can fix many of these issues and allow your phone to operate at peak performance. After doing so, restore your phone's data and apps from the backup you made.

Charge port (Lightning port) issues: Very often, there is lint and other debris inside the charging port, blocking a good connection. Use a plastic toothpick and carefully clean the port. Finally, make sure you are using an MFi certified charger and cable.

If none of these help, or you'd prefer to leave it to the pros, contact Mid Maryland Mobile. We're happy to help.

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