Fixing Phones and Giving Thanks

I had fun helping people this week! 

As is typical, I repaired at a number of interesting locations, including:

Braddock Heights Volunteer Fire Department (thankful for our firefighters),

Above Air Technology (thankful for the kind employees there),

Starbucks at 7th Street (thankful for my good friend, Caressa Flannery),

Dublin Roasters (thankful for the warm atmosphere and great muffins!), and

The Whitaker Center at Hood College (thankful for active students who seem to break their phones frequently!).

Before and After of the Week

iPhone 7 - Cracked screen

iPhone 7 - Cracked screen

iPhone 7 - Repaired screen

iPhone 7 - Repaired screen


Possibly my favorite holiday of the year. Family, friends and giving thanks. Thank you to all my customers, and, of course, thank you to my family and friends for all you do. Have a safe holiday, but if you do break a phone, you know who to call!